January 17, 2019
Bridging Silos with Unified Content Portals

Ingeniux founder and CEO, Jim Edmunds sat down with Simple [A]'s Cruce Saunders to talk about digital content strategy in a recent "Towards a Smarter World" podcast. Both had just returned from LavaCon, a conference focused on content strategy and were excited about how the industry is growing and evolving.

Listen to the full podcast here or read on for a recap of their conversation.

In the Podcast, Edmunds discusses two of his biggest takeaways from the LavaCon conference:

The quality of the authoring experience matters: "...what you realize when you talk to this group of people is that they're working in digital authoring tools for 80% of their professional working hours. And the quality of that experience, the depth of the features, the ability for them to address their needs is very critical. I think we, as an industry and certainly Ingeniux as a company, we're really focused on how we can extend the depth of those features and improve that overall authoring experience."

We need to increase the value of the semantic layer in enterprise content: "In order for that content to have value, in order for that content to be portable, there needs to be a very rich metadata layer for how that content is categorized for its use throughout the enterprise content lifecycle."

Edmunds also pointed out that the type of people interested in content strategy and technical content is growing. It's no longer just about the needs of technical content authors. He said marketing managers and sales managers are also realizing the importance of technical content in their work and need a way to access and leverage it.

Organizations face a number of challenges managing their content strategy. First, Edmunds said many aren't sure where or how to get started. He also pointed out that technology on its own will not solve their problems: "...at the end of the day, content is created by humans and you have to invest in human capital. You have to invest in the systems and processes that allow those humans to create content and manage it effectively."

One way to support an organization's need to manage technical content is a unified content portal. With a unified content portal, you can bring together content that's created across the organization and make it available to those who need it.

"A unified content portal is a way of basically saying, look, you have this huge investment already in content creation processes and content applications. Those may or may not be a good way to solve the problem, but they're what you have now, and a unified content portal basically provides a way to bridge those silos, bring that information together, and allowing the audience to engage with it in the way the organization needs to manage that engagement."

It's not a single source of content, but it's a single place to access the content you have across the organization, designed for a specific audience.

Edmunds and Saunders also talked about the need for structured content and a semantic layer, as well as the delivery of content to multiple channels through the concept of "content-as-a-service."

"They've [organizations] invested millions of dollars, thousands of hours in creating applications, creating websites, creating digital delivery mechanisms and those span a range of technologies and a range of formats. So, I think the next big value-add for content management systems is to be able to deliver into that infrastructure without requiring organizations to rip them out and replace or retool them."

Ingeniux has always supported structured content and a decoupled delivery model that lends itself to CaaS (or headless content delivery). Early decisions have ensured the content management system is in the right place to support the needs of organizations today.

Listen to the full podcast to hear all of Jim Edmunds' views on content strategy and the content management industry. And if you are interested in wine, he has a good story to share on that as well.

Posted by Riley Edmunds
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