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Mobile, digital marketing, cloud, video, applications, global sites and languages. Its takes a lot to deliver a modern web experience.

Ingeniux is a new kind of CMS. Ingeniux provides an agile platform for managing engaging websites and customer experiences on any device, channel, or locale. Empower your web and marketing teams to deliver digital projects in record time.

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Intelligent In-Context Editing

Edit any page with in-context editing. Clicking on a region of the page makes it editable. Elements provide text fields, WYSIWYG editors, image galleries, component palletes, date pickers, and other contextual editing fields.

Ingeniux editing is intelligent, recognizing and preserving the structure of the content. Clear separation between content and presentation supports true content reuse while still delivering an intuitive page-based editing experience. 

Responsive Page Builder

Update templates and responsive layouts with ease. Page Builder is a powerful feature that empowers web managers to create or modify page layouts without coding or development. 

Templates are managed in a grid-based responsive layout using Bootstrap, Foundation, or other responsive frameworks. Click-and-drag to re-size columns, drag-and-drop text, video, images, and content widgets onto templates, and manage presentations for multiple channels.  

Personalization and Content Marketing

Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time with Ingeniux digital marketing solutions. 

Personalize content and marketing messages based on click-stream behavior, visitor profile, website membership, geo-location, or marketing segment. Landing pages, CRM connectors for and Microsoft Dynamics, and visual web forms provide a complete content marketing solution. Integrated Analytics using Google, WebTrends, or Adobe deliver the insight to optimize campaigns.

Digital Asset Management

Upload multiple images, documents, media files, templates, and other assets using the Ingeniux Digital Asset Manager. Assets can be edited with full meta data and usage rights, supporting group-level security and collaboration.

The Asset Manager also supports true federation; including integration of Microsoft SharePoint lists for document management, media servers and CDN's for rich media storage, and file level storage in NAS and SAN systems. 

Multi-Site and Multi-Lingual

Ingeniux CMS is designed to manage an unlimited number of websites and to control the content reuse, staging, security, and delivery between them. 

Ingeniux CMS also simplifies the management of multilingual websites. It includes automated translation dashboards, pre-built translation workflows, a powerful tracking and notification system, localized client software in a wide range of languages, and a robust "locale" system to defind each language and region you need to support.

ASP.NET MVC Platform

Ingeniux provides a faster, more agile platform for developing ASP.NET-based websites and applications. It features a true three-tier architecture, support for the latest ASP.NET technologies, including ASP.NET 4.5, MVC 5. the Razor view engine, full Visual Studio integration, and an open RESTful API.

InSite Search

Make your content discoverable with Ingeniux InSite search. Based on the powerful project, InSite search is designed to use Ingeniux CMS' rich structured content, taxonomy and meta data to filter search results by category, content type, and other facets. 

Use the InSite connectors to bridge search across your entire enterprise. Easily add secure search collections for databases, applications, file systems and other content sources. Ingeniux InSite can break down the silos across your organizations and deliver true information search and retrieval. 


Let Ingeniux host and manage your CMS software and live web site environment. Ingeniux software-as-a-service is an ideal solutions for organizations who want to deliver a world-class websites without dedicating staff and resources round the clock.

Ingeniux provides cloud-based hosting, managed services, 24X7 support and critical care, multi-site disaster recovery, software backups, seamless software updates, and load-balanced scaling with performance mangement. 

With Ingeniux SaaS you can focus on content, not technology.

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