What We Do

Ingeniux Reigns Seattle Public Library

Ingeniux delivers the next generation of web experience management software for managing content, community, and collaboration. 

Content published and deployed from Ingeniux software touches millions of people every day.

Our software powers large websites, applications, communities, business portals, print, email, and a myriad of other channels. 

Our success is told in the success of our customers. We empower the world's leading companies, associations, universities, government organizations, and non-profits to craft engaging web content that resonates with customers and community members.

We provide community and collaboration tools that amplify our client's stories through the voice of the customer and social channels.  

Our content management and collaboration platform provides a centerpiece for enabling digital transformation. Ingeniux software aligns business units and customer touch points with a common set of content, applications, business rules, and secure membership services. It extends beyond the website to work deeply with marketing automation, CRM, ERP, and enterprise applications. 

Leader in Content Management Software-as-a-Service

Ingeniux is the leading provider of cloud-based content management solutions. With 10-years experience in Software-as-a-Service website and application management, a global network, and 24 x 7 support and service, Ingeniux provides an enterprise-class content management solution in a managed cloud environment. 

Cutting Edge Microsoft Technology

Ingeniux software is built on the latest Microsoft technology; including ASP.NET 4.5 and MVC 5.0. Ingeniux is the ideal solution for professional ASP.NET developers and agencies, providing an innovative content development model based solely on open web standards, deep integration with IDE's such as Visual Studio, and an accessible REST-based API that delivers the power of intelligent content without the overhead of traditional tightly coupled CMS applications.  

Our Story

Ingeniux Corporation was founded in 1999 by a team of dedicated industry professionals responsible for designing web publishing systems for some of the leading brands on the web, including Electronic Arts and Microsoft MSNBC. Ingeniux designed its CMS around open standards, and with a unique de-coupled publishing architecture, to meet persistent challenges in the web industry with portability and scalability.  

Ingeniux CMS, one of the first XML-based content management systems, broke new ground in meeting the needs of large-scale web publishing, co-branding, and mobile content management. Ingeniux Cartella was equally innovative in addressing the needs of collaboration and community, adding true content management and business collaboration capabilities to "business social software." Ingeniux was the first web experience management company to release in ASP.NET and support the Razor view engine. It continues to lead the industry in ASP.NET MVC software development.

While Ingeniux has come a long way in the past two decades, true north is still innovative content management technology. As is often the case, the content management industry has come full circle towards the principals that made Ingeniux unique: multi-channel architecture, clear separation between content management and content delivery, richly structured content and highly scalable performance.  

Our Location

Ingeniux is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with offices in New York and Europe. Ingeniux provides software, service, and support to customers worldwide.