Pre-conference training will take place Monday, September 25  and Tuesday, September 26. These training courses are unique to the conference and are not offered elsewhere. 

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Preparing for Your CMS Version 10 Upgrade

Date: September 25 & 26, 9:00 AM
Location: Pan Pacific Seattle

In this course, Ingeniux trainer Shaun Shaffer will lead you through important details you need to con­sider as you prepare for your Ingeniux CMS Version 10 upgrade.

Become familiar with the process of upgrading to Version 10 and review the necessary preparations - from preparing your content to planning for the new CMS-user experience. Learn about the general environment requirements and discover best practices for getting your site set up, tested, and success­fully running on Version 10.

During this course, attendees will explore the all new user interface and enhanced system features in Ingeniux CMS Version 10. Enjoy a guided tour of the major overhaul in usability, functionality, and aes­thetics. Then, become better acquainted with the new user experience with hands-on exercises in the latest version. 

Curriculum Overview

  • Overview of new features and functionality in CMS Version 10
  • Planning and preparing for you upgrade
  • Key hardware and software considerations for your upgrade 
  • Asset management and what it means for you
  • Exploring the new user interface
  • Demo: How to set up a new Version 10 site using a Version 9 site copy
  • Hands-on exploration time in CMS Version 10

Ingeniux CMS Development and Implementation: MVC and Page Builder

Date: September 25, 9:00 AM
Location: Pan Pacific Seattle

Hit the ground running when developing an MVC implementation in Ingeniux CMS.

In this course, Ingeniux trainer Douglas Rompasky will show attendees how to develop new Page Types and components in Ingeniux CMS to meet specific functionality requirements focused on addressing strategic initiatives. Participants will also get a strong introduction to the ASP.NET framework as it relates to Ingeniux CMS with a focus on the view layer in MVC.

Discover how best to pre­pare your website for Page Builder with an in-depth look at the proper development and implementa­tion techniques. 

Curriculum Overview:

  • Working in the ASP.Net framework and MVC
  • Pulling XML data into the View layout in MVC for display in Page Types
  • Setting up a MVC runtime environment
  • Preparing for Page Builder
  • Implementing presentation Content Units for use with Page Builder 

Introduction to Ingeniux CMS Version 10 API

Date: September 26, 9:00 AM
Location: Pan Pacific Seattle

In this one-day developer course, Ingeniux CMS developer Adam Busbin will give you an in-depth look at the new Version 10 API.

Find out just how much you can do with the API in the latest version of Ingeniux CMS software, how you can use it to enhance your experience inside the CMS, and how it can save you and your organization time, energy, and ultimately money. 

Curriculum Overview:

  • Automate labor intensive tasks
  • Create a more intuitive UI for complex content
  • Validate steps in workflow
  • Integrate multiple API's
  • And more!

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Pre-Conference Training

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