The Path to Personalization: Lessons From Both Sides of the Fence

Thursday, September 28, 11:30 AM to 12:20 PM Matt Cyr, Lakefront A

There's a reason why a Google search for "best personalized websites" brings up lots of stories about megabrands like Amazon, Netflix and Target: personalization is hard. It requires clear strategy, laser-like focus, long-term financial and staffing commitment, a close interaction between the marketing and IT functions of your organization and a willingness to use data to iterate for incremental improvements.

In this talk, Matt will take a CMS-agnostic look at website personalization from two angles: the client side - where he worked at two different Massachusetts universities, including one that is implementing a personalization strategy - and the agency side, which he recently joined.  

Among the topics Matt will cover are the importance of a clear objectives and defined, measurable goals, the importance of personas throughout the process, how to structure your CMS and site to be prepared for growth, and the potential impact on your staffing and other resources.