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There is no "one size fits all" approach to content management, so you shouldn't get a one-size fits all solution to cloud hosting for your CMS. Host your Ingeniux software in our cloud and get the security, operations and availability that IT requires with the convenience and performance your marketing team demands.

With Ingeniux Cloud Hosting you get:

  • A fully-managed customizable CMS application in a configuration designed to meet your specific needs
  • Easier upgrades, when you want them
  • Enhanced security and compliance
  • Advantages in scale and performance
  • Expert 24-hour service and support year-round from people who know the software and environment inside and out

Our industry-leading software-as-a-service goes beyond traditional hosting by providing complete application management, change management, performance management, and application optimization by a team of Ingeniux software experts. Ingeniux CMS is the first content management solution to bring together the flexibility of the cloud with the security, performance, and control that enterprises demand. 

Get the Ingeniux Software-as-a-Service Platform Overview for more information on this industry-leading Ingeniux CMS solution. 

Choice of Deployment Model

Ingeniux offers two deployment models in the Ingeniux Private Cloud environment - a cloud environment dedicated to Ingeniux customers that has been specifically architected to support Ingeniux software deployments. Customers can also leverage the Azure platform to take advantage of its Public Cloud features in combination with its Ingeniux deployment. 


You have all of the computing resources on the CMS and deployment servers fully dedicated to you in the Ingeniux Private Cloud. This works best for websites that require extra processing power and custom integrations for the resources and isolation they need.  Sites with third-party integration requirements, intranets, and support and collaboration portals are best served by a dedicated environment.


You have a dedicated CMS, but your websites or web applications are deployed on a cluster of load-balanced servers shared with other customers in the Ingeniux Private Cloud. The individual customer websites are logically isolated on shared servers that are scaled to provide an abundance of power for the websites hosted on them. This model spreads the computing resources as well as the costs across all customers. This deployment model works well for public websites. 

Azure Platform 

You can run your dedicated Ingeniux deployment in the Azure Public Cloud. This allows customers who would benefit from the Azure Public Cloud and its other services to provision their Ingeniux installation on virtual machines scaled to meet their business requirements. This dedicated deployment model particularly appeals to customers who seek to leverage SEO benefits from the live site location for their disparate domestic and abroad audiences.

Key Features

Ingeniux Cloud Hosting provides the following capabilities

Fully-Managed Hosting

24/7 managed application and hosting services on a virtual server framework. Our environment is provisioned through SSAE 16 compliant, fully redundant data centers. Ingeniux management services include infrastructure and OS-level maintenance, application-level software patches and upgrades, data back-up, 24/7 monitoring, and 24/7 critical care support for server-related outages.

Upgrades and Migrations

Ingeniux works with you to schedule and perform all software upgrades for you in a dedicated User Acceptance Testing environment. This separate environment allows you to fully test your site implementation over the course of two weeks before scheduling your production upgrade.

To get started, Ingeniux can migrate your current Ingeniux website from your on-premise installation to the managed Private or Public Cloud environment and configure software, publishing and replication processes. 

Service and Support

What sets Ingeniux apart from other hosting vendors is its best-in-class full-service operations team. The team members who are monitoring and pro-actively addressing issues within your production environment 24/7 are the same domain experts who provide software support every day during business hours. That means if a software issue affects the availability of your site after hours, the engineer who proactively responds is capable of fixing that issue in addition to anything that may need to be addressed at the OS or network level. We are ready and able to support your needs at any time, proactively.

Network Architecture

The Ingeniux Private Cloud is a fully redundant environment leveraging industry-leading hardware and virtual technologies. The Private Cloud has been custom-built to serve Ingeniux customers with sophisticated load-balancing of the live websites to ensure there is no interruption of service during maintenance or when deploying code updates. Each service layer within the network is configured in high availability mode so in the event the primary network member is not responding as expected the service is transferred seamlessly to a secondary member so everything from an individual virtual machine to a database server to a primary firewall keeps responding as expected. The environment is carefully monitored at all times so any issues that may affect service availability or performance is detected quickly for proactive intervention.

Disaster Recovery and Backup

Ingeniux provides a full range of disaster recovery options ranging from standard backup to geographically dispersed fail-over. We provide the right-fit solution to meet your business requirements and assure constant connectivity for your mission-critical systems.

Ingeniux has redundant data centers and regional centers located domestically and around the globe. Leveraging customer managed DNS or Ingeniux-provided traffic management, we can seamlessly redirect traffic to your contracted redundant site in the event of a primary site service interruption. Customers in the shared Private Cloud deployment environment are provided live site redundancy by default. Those with dedicated deployment environments and customers wanting redundancy for their CMS may contract for fail-over to meet their business needs.   Ingeniux also provides a robust backup strategy with a minimum 28-day retention policy, which may be extended based upon customer business requirements. The back-up provides full images of the customer production environment on a scheduled basis and allows for both full system and individual file restoration upon request.

Security and Compliance

Ingeniux is committed to providing the most robust and secure environment possible to support your evolving business requirements. The Ingeniux Private Cloud is audited annually for compliance with SOC 2 security and availability principles, which includes environment-wide penetration testing. Ingeniux provides DDoS and intrusion detection services as a baseline of protection in its Private Cloud, and provides similar protections as contracted in Azure according to the customer's business needs. All protections leverage industry-leading technology including Arbor Networks and Radware, through a variety of meticulously maintained virtual and physical appliances. Additional services such as interactive log auditing and Web Application Firewalls (WAF) may be added to provide additional layers of security. Ingeniux has certified PCI environments as well as the ability to meet other industry standard certifications for customers requiring enhanced security and auditing. 


Ingeniux helps support content-as-a-service to hundreds of customers in leading industries, including higher education, government, life sciences, financial services, and more.

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