Ingeniux Web CMS and Customer Support Portal Solutions for Medical Device Companies

Ingeniux works with leading medical device producers, manufacturers, and providers such as BD Carefusion, SCIEX, Bard, Bioness, and Molecular Devices to deliver modern website experiences and personalized customer portal solutions.

With Ingeniux you can create engaging digital experiences for your customers:

  • Customer Support Portal: Give your customers the self-service tools they need to take control of their health through a full featured support portal.
  • Website Content Management: Manage your global website experience.
  • Cloud Hosting: Host Your Website with Ingeniux Cloud Hosting

Ingeniux Customer Support Portal 

Ingeniux CXP is an enterprise customer portal solution. It enables you to bring together information and support services from your existing applications into one centralized website, giving both you and your customer a 360-degree view of the customer's service and support requirements. 

Your customers want a secure place where they can view and manage their devices and data. Ingeniux CXP can integrate with your device software to present customer data, enabling customers to see how they are doing and provide a community environment where customers can share and discuss information related to their devices and personal data.

User Profile Management

The customer profile is the most important component of Ingeniux CXP. The profile is stored in the Ingeniux CXP database and connected to your CRM and other integrated applications. The database is seeded with CRM data, but includes custom fields for profile information not stored within your CRM. This additional metadata enables you to customize the CXP experience for each customer. Your customers can update their profile within CXP and updates to the CRM are synchronized in real-time.

Content Management

Manage your portal content using Ingeniux CMS. CXP leverages a complete suite of content management tools including taxonomy, versioning, workflow and approvals, digital asset management and publishing. CXP also provides the ability to quickly design and publish portal web pages using Page Builder, the Ingeniux Portal Designer. Page Builder is a visual web page and template designer you use to create your portal experience without coding. 

Case Management and Self-Service

Reduce your support costs by integrating web-to-case management, chat, self-help documentation, and user forums into your website. Ingeniux integrates with Salesforce to bring support tickets and knowledge into the support portal experience in real-time. 

Knowledge Management

Ingeniux CXP provides the ability to integrate all silos of information located in other systems or repositories that are critical to support customer self-service and bring the content into the portal. Set up areas of the portal for a knowledge repository. The repository can be a single external source, or a combination of multiple sources. Enable search across the full knowledge repository or only certain areas to help customers quickly filter the information and find what they want.


Empower customers to engage with others in a secure environment. With Ingeniux CXP you can include collaborative and community capabilities to empower your customers to help and learn from each other. Interest groups, blogs, forums, activity feeds, social feedback and other capabilities let you customer interact the way they want. 

Learning Management

Your products require training. Ingeniux can help you integrate your website with your learning management system so customers can access all of the training options available whenever they want. 

Third Party Integrations

Using Ingeniux CXP's open APIs, integrate a wide range of service and support applications including CRM for ticketing and knowledge-base, marketing automation, chat, learning management and others. Take advantage of pre-built connectors for Salesforce and Dynamics CRM, Marketo and Pardot, and a number of Learning Management Systems.

Enable your customers to manage their devices and data in real-time by integrating cloud-based tools such as Axeda. Your customers will have end-to-end visibility on their devices from anywhere in the world by logging into your website. Differentiate yourselves from your competition, reduce support costs, and improve your brand. 

Ingeniux Website Management

Ingeniux CMS provides secure multilingual content creation and management capabilities and can deliver content to any device or channel, including websites and mobile devices.

End to End Content Management

Ingeniux provides content management capabilities including content creation, editing, workflow approvals, and publishing capabilities. A robust security and permissions system, advanced authoring with structured content, and complete lifecycle management ensure that you can create and manage the experiences you need to support all your customer needs.

Digital Marketing

Your website's goal is to provide the right information to prospects at the right time. Ingeniux integrates with leading analytics, marketing automation and CRM solutions to help you manage your website marketing activities. Personalize the web experience using implicit and explicit visitor information, integrate landing pages and provide forms that connect your visitors with Marketing and Sales at the right time.

Managed Hosting and SaaS

Ingeniux CMS software-as-a-service and cloud services provide customers with a fully deployed and managed web presence and application environment. The CMS application and website are hosted in the Ingeniux cloud using virtual servers over an extensive grid of computers. The back-end CMS application uses a NoSQL framework designed for cloud hosting, and the deployment tier supports CDN and auto-scaling with fast file-based delivery and edge caching.

Ingeniux goes beyond traditional multitenant SaaS solutions by providing each customer with a dedicated environment for its Ingeniux CMS application. The Ingeniux approach also provides greater flexibility: upgrade when you want, manage file level access, write customizations and integrations, and install additional applications or databases. The cloud provides greater scalability, less management overhead for IT teams, and the peace of mind of having one number to call to address your web software, performance, and uptime services. 

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