Ingeniux Content Management for Hospitals

With Ingeniux CMS you can create an informative and engaging web experience for new and existing patients. Use your website to show the full range of procedures and services offered by your hospital, highlighting your greatest strengths. Provide an accessible, searchable and complete directory of your hospital, outpatient centers, primary care and specialty services and help patients search for and schedule appointments with providers.

Ingeniux integrates with marketing automation and CRM platforms, provider review platforms, online scheduling platforms, calendaring applications, and more to provide a superb user experience for your patients.  

Take a look at some of the capabilities Ingeniux CMS provides to support the needs of hospitals below. 

How Ingeniux Can Help 

Find a Physician 

Ingeniux CMS can integrate with third party systems to pull in information such as Doctor profiles, patient reviews, locations and availability to help website visitors quickly find a specific doctor or clinic. For example, a visitor wants to find an ENT Doctor that specializes in pediatrics and is located in the Washington area.

Ingeniux includes robust search capabilities that can connect to external repositories and pull in the information needed to help visitors easily narrow down search results. A structured, faceted search enables visitors to quickly click through options to narrow down the information they need.

Location Search

Ingeniux provides search by location and proximity search. Narrow down locations by physicians, clinics or services offered in certain locations, facility listings, facility listings by services offered, and other location-based content. Integrate maps to guide users to specific locations or show surrounding product resellers or services.

For example, a patient wants to know where the closet clinics are in town. A map search easily helps them see what's close to them, using their current geolocation or the ability to enter a different location (near me).

Secure Patient Data

Ingeniux can support HIPPA and PCI compliance requirements ensuring your patient data is secure.

Event and Calendar Registration

The Ingeniux Appointment and Event Calendar Module provides a complete calendar and appointment registration solution. You can deliver appointment and event information based on categories or keywords; view daily, weekly, or monthly calendars; and syndicate event information using RSS. 

Integrate Third Party Applications

Ingeniux can integrate with many third-party tools that you already use. Ingeniux can integrate your site with third-party marketing automation platform such as Pardot or Marketo, and CRM applications such as Salesforce. Add location reviews from Yelp, online scheduling platforms such as ZocDoc or Kyruss and calendaring applications such as Trumba, Tockify, and CalendarWiz. 

Website Content Management

Ingeniux provides content management capabilities including content creation, editing, workflow approvals, and publishing capabilities. A robust security and permissions system, advanced authoring with structured content, and complete lifecycle management ensure that you can create and manage the experiences you need to support all your patient needs.

Digital Marketing

Your website's goal is to provide the right information to prospects at the right time. Ingeniux integrates with leading analytics, marketing automation and CRM solutions to help you manage your website marketing activities. Personalize the web experience using implicit and explicit visitor information, integrate landing pages and provide forms that connect your visitors with Marketing and Sales at the right time.

Managed Hosting

Ingeniux CMS software-as-a-service and cloud services provide customers with a fully deployed and managed web presence and application environment. Ingeniux hosting can meet PIC and HIPPA compliance requirements. We partner with the top industry providers of DDOS protection and use Arbor Networks and Radware for mitigation.

The Ingeniux approach provides greater flexibility: upgrade when you want, manage file level access, write customizations and integrations, and install additional applications or databases. The cloud provides greater scalability, less management overhead for IT teams, and the peace of mind of having one number to call to address your web software, performance, and uptime services. 

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