Ingeniux Content Management for Biotech 

Create and manage your content in a secure environment, then share it out to key channels following a clearly defined and audited publishing workflow. Your clients will get the information they need and Legal will know your information is safely and properly shared. 

Ingeniux is built on an architecture that separates management of content from its delivery, enabling you to create and manage all your content in a central location  and deliver it to any device or channel required. Centralized content management ensures only the right people have access to create and publish content following clearly defined security and permissions, and the right people can view it.

How Ingeniux Can Help

The Ingeniux CMS is designed to manage and deliver modern websites, customer support portals, online communities, and other customer touchpoints. Here's a look at some of the capabilities Ingeniux CMS provides to support the needs of biotech companies:

End to End Content Management

Ingeniux provides content management capabilities including content creation, editing, workflow approvals, and publishing capabilities. A robust security and permissions system, advanced authoring with structured content, and complete lifecycle management ensure that you can create and manage the experiences you need to support all your customer needs.

Content-as-a-Service (Headless CMS)

Manage your organization's content from a secure, centralized location and deliver it to any web application, native mobile app, website or channel when it's needed, the way it's needed. Ingeniux provides a decoupled architecture and a set of open standards APIs to deliver content to any device or channel yet maintain proper governance of your content.


Be the local, trusted company in any market or geographic region. Ingeniux offers side-by-side page translation, a multi-site delivery platform, external translation module integration with over 14 major translation firms, international domain management, and language packs for the CMS. You can reach any customer in any location with the right message in their preferred language. 

Digital Marketing

Your website's goal is to provide the right information to prospects at the right time. Ingeniux integrates with leading analytics, marketing automation and CRM solutions to help you manage your website marketing activities. Personalize the web experience using implicit and explicit visitor information, integrate landing pages and provide forms that connect your visitors with Marketing and Sales at the right time.


Ingeniux provides an Intranet solution that meets the needs of the new digital workplace. It offers a range of features and capabilities that support communication, collaboration, and integration with key productivity solutions.  Unlike solutions that offer an "intranet in a box," Ingeniux goes beyond the standard Intranet capabilities to integrate with key productivity suites and other business systems to enable a true digital workplace for all employees. 

More Information 

Ingeniux delivers a full set of content management and customer portal solutions for organizations across the Life Sciences industry, including: medical device companies, contract research organizations, research institutions, hospitals, biotech companies, and consumables manufacturers.

Ingeniux Professional Services has extensive expertise in Life Science requirements and technology. Find out more about what we can do for you; call our Life Science Solutions group at 206-658-2909 or e-mail