Just Admitted is an enrollment management and engagement solution. JustAdmitted provides a private community that guides admitted students through the enrollment process, one step at a time, and delivers targeted content to help orient and on-board incoming students.

Built on the powerful Cartella community and collaboration platform, Just Admitted helps colleges and universities to increase enrollment yield and reduce enrollment costs.  Features include:

  • Personalized enrollment checklist for each admitted student
  • Campus Guide with photos, articles, social ratings blogs, and forums 
  • Secure authentication and website
  • Student profiles
  • Online LookBook directory of admitted students
  • Automated set-up of user accounts
  • Email notifications and digests to update students on enrollment status
  • Built-in content management system to update content and settings
  • Secure repository for important documents and forms
  • Standard mobile support for smart phones and tablets using responsive design
  • Fully hosted and managed solution with 24/7 support

The Just Admitted Experience

Just Admitted immediately introduces admitted students into an engaging campus community. When a student is accepted they receive an email directing them to a schools private Just Admitted community site, where they are prompted to set up a profile and begin down the guided path to enrollment.

The heart of Just Admitted is the "Acceptance Checklist." The checklist manages each milestone a student must complete to successfully enroll, guiding the student through essential steps with notifications and updates.

By monitoring a student's progress on the checklist institutions gain insight into incoming class size and can ensure high enrollment rates by delivering targeted outreach. The result: incoming classes at or above quota, lower discount rates, and a simplified matriculation process that delivers clear ROI and time savings.

Within a Just Admitted community students can discover immersive information about your school. The community contains event calendars, local restaurant and venue reviews, photo galleries of the campus, maps, blogs, and forums.

Fully-Hosted, Turn Key Solution

Just Admitted is offered as a fully hosted and managed software-as-a-service application. It does not require any IT or developer support from your institution. Ingeniux provides 24X7 monitoring and manages all of the hosting and upgrades. Admissions teams can focus on maximizing enrollment without worrying about technology. 


  • Improve yield by engaging community of admitted students and guiding them toward enrollment.
  • Monitor engagement levels to produce highly targeted outreach.
  • Automate the enrollment process with secure document sharing, notifications, and a guided enrollment checklist.
  • Build social bonds by connecting students with other incoming classmates and school staff. Network and share information, ask questions, and sustain engagement.