Your Content, Your Way, When and Where You Need It

Manage your organization's content from a secure, centralized location and deliver it to any web application, native mobile app, website or channel when it's needed, the way it's needed. 

Your customers are reaching out on multiple channels to learn more about you and your products and services. Keeping up with their demands for information when and where they want it is creating challenges for marketing, customer service, support and lines of business. You need a way to easily create, curate and manage content that is separate from where and how it's presented to your customers.

Ingeniux CMS provides a headless content management solution that empowers your organization to support the needs of your customers without the associated content management headaches:

  • Manage all your content needs in a central location following a structured, intelligent content model.
  • Apply proper permissions and approval workflows for content management.
  • Package and deliver content to different channels or devices using secure Restful APIs.

Headless CMS Diagram

Key Use Cases

The Ingeniux CMS headless content management model works in a variety of use cases:

Web Applications

Manage content such as Help, labels, CTAs and other content in your business applications from a central location and publish changes when required.

Native Mobile Applications

Manage content remotely without having to rebuild or recompile their applications. No need to resubmit to the App Store or force updates on mobile devices. 

Third Party Content Editing

Enable external third parties to manage and update content following a strict workflow and approval process without needing direct access to the application. 

Multi-site, Multilingual Websites

Support content needs for multiple sites or multilingual websites from a single management interface.

Customized Web Layouts

Enable developers to create customized rich web experiences without sacrificing content management needs.

Modern Client-side JavaScript Frameworks

Create highly responsive web experiences that leverage Ingeniux CMS capabilities to store and manage content. 

Content APIs (Pull)

Two restful APIs dynamically deliver content to external solutions: DSS API for .NET-based applications and Web API for non .NET-based applications.

File-based Content Delivery (Push)

Deliver content updates as a supporting resource using XML files. No need to recycle the server for changes to take effect.

Structured Content

Content is stored in a format that defines and describes it completely separate from its presentation. Apply taxonomy and metadata and deliver content as XML, JSON or XHTML.

Remote Preview

A web-serviced based preview service enables content editors to edit and preview content within the context of the application.

Content Governance

Ensure content is properly managed through well defined workflow and approval processes.


Apply roles and permissions for content editing and content delivery to external solutions ensuring only authorized users and applications can request and manage content.

Ease of Upgrades

Easily update Ingeniux CMS without taking down all applications that leverage content services.


Improve the performance and scalability of your applications by managing the CMS back-end separately.

Integrated DevOps

Leverage GitHub or Mercurial to manage your content delivery APIs, rolling out updated APIs as versions to different environments or applications.


Ingeniux helps support content-as-a-service to hundreds of customers in leading industries, including higher education, government, life sciences, financial services, and more. 

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