Make Search the Center of Your Web Experience

Ingeniux InSite Search is a powerful search application available for Ingeniux CMS and Cartella software. It's based on, a leading framework for enterprise search applications. InSite is designed to work with Ingeniux content, leveraging the semantic XML structure of the content, taxonomy, and meta data. InSite delivers a full-suite of search capabiltiies for guided and faceted search experiences, secure portal search, federated enterprise search, and dynamic search-based architecture for related and reccomended content items.  

Get the Ingeniux Solution Guide for Enterprise Search to learn more about Ingeniux InSite Search and creating industry-leading search experiences. 

Drive ROI through Content Discoverability

Information is not valuable unless people can find it. Ingeniux goes beyond traditional search technology with InSite. Ingeniux InSite is based on Apache Lucene. InSite makes content discoverable in catalog and keyword search, indexing metadata and content structure. Ingeniux supports content categorization using taxonomy and metadata extraction to deliver guided search experiences with content faceting by keyword, category, content type, collection and other metadata. 

Secure Search Applications

InSite delivers faceted search experiences that work in concert with integrated portal and security features. Search results are filtered based on user access rights, ensuring that users only see the information they have permission to view.

Facetted, or Guided, Search Experiences

New custom categories may be applied to narrow results and deliver search experiences. Filter and narrow search results based on catagory, content type, products, author, or other metadata. 

Mobile and People Search 

InSite provides an optimized mobile search experience with suggested searches and quick-find content filtering. Integration with Active Directory, LDAP, and other directories enable employee information and other federated data to be included in the search index. 

Key Features

  • Faceted search
  • Weighted results
  • Keymatches / featured results
  • Synonyms
  • Spell check / fuzzy search ("Did you mean Ingeniux?")
  • Multiple sources (CMS, Cartella, HTML, etc.)
  • Customizable
  • Can be added to CMS V8 sites, and is built into CMS V9. Included with Cartella as well.
  • Built with Lucene

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