Content, Community and Collaboration for Business

Ingeniux CMS is a highly scalable software solution for all types of businesses - from ecommerce, to member associations, to financial organizations - and beyond.

Ingeniux CMS empowers business users to create and share content, enables enterprise applications for the web, securely capitalizes on content investments, and decreases cost structures. Business is becoming increasingly global and distributed, so Ingeniux CMS' ability to help team members and partners collaborate on projects is indispensable.


Enterprise Features and Benefits

  • User-friendly web-based tools allow nontechnical users to take control of web publishing, freeing overburdened IT resources and opening new business opportunities.
  • Fully managed SaaS services with multi-site disaster recovery and business resiliency programs
  • Digital marketing solution for content marketing, lead generation, analytics, customer profiling, and personalization
  • Multi-lingual translation services and content delivery 
  • A comprehensive security model protects content and features and controls users, groups, and content
  • Standards-based architecture and a ASP.NET application programming interface (API) connect best-of-breed and legacy applications
  • Content archiving, rollback, and versioning to help realize continuity plans
  • Configurable workflow, collaboration tools, and email notifications automate business processes and document routing
  • Templates enforce consistent design and branding and provide cobranding capabilities to support partner web integrations, multiple web sites, and departmental subsites
  • A taxonomy system structures content and publishes web pages based on classifications


Uniting People, Documents and Processes

Ingeniux CMS empowers non–web-savvy business users to create content, collaborate with team members, and manage digital communications. A scalable XML repository stores and structures document libraries, allowing web content to be easily managed through a hierarchical file system. Industry-leading transformation and syndication technology delivers content in any format at any time. Page creation rules, top-rated user management, and an open workflow system enforce processes, meeting any compliance standard and producing consistent results.


100% ASP.NET Platform

Ingeniux CMS enables the enterprise for the web by managing dynamic presentation layer services. Featuring an ASP.NET platform, Ingeniux lets information flow easily through your network and securely handles content requests in any format. A modular, standards-based architecture and extensive API allow Ingeniux CMS to be integrated quickly and cost-effectively, providing an agile content solution that can work with any best-of-breed or legacy system.


Easy to Use, Easy to Deploy

Ingeniux CMS is designed for business users. It features a unique fill-in-the-blanks approach to content authoring that lets anyone to create a web page in minutes. Content is separate from design, so users do not need to lay out pages, and content can be reused by simply click-and-dragging it to the desired location. Setting up and maintaining Ingeniux CMS is as easy as using it. With a short learning curve and deployments that take weeks, not months, Ingeniux CMS is the ideal cost-of-ownership solution.


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