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The San Francisco Film Society is a national leader in exhibition, education, and filmmaker services. Its mission is to encourage the evolution of film culture and individual lives by celebrating the transformative power of the moving image. The highlight of SFFS's programming is the San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF), which takes place every spring. 

SFFS needed a platform where teachers, students, and artists in K-12 film education programs could collaborate. It was looking for a place where its community could share ideas, promote media literacy, showcase work, get feedback, and find inspiration. It also wanted an extremely visual community experience since the curriculum centers on film and photography. In addition to curriculum, teachers and students needed to be able to easily share video footage and high-quality images.  

Additionally, SFFS needed a CMS solution for its website that could provide all the unique functionalities that a film festival requires. Festival goers need to access information about films on the go, so a tablet and mobile solution was imperative. On the website, SFFS needed to showcase film synopses, trailers, and movie times in a visually appealing and user-friendly way. Attendees would be coming to the site to search for films that appealed to their specific interests, so the organization had to create a resource to help moviegoers find films based on varying criteria. For those wishing to buy movie tickets online, SFFS required a CMS that could easily integrate with ticketing programs.


Using Ingeniux Cartella, SFFS created a visual and engaging online collaboration space for its FilmEd programs. Educators can easily share lesson plans, videos, projects, and helpful tips for creating innovative curriculum for students. Teachers share lesson plans on the Lessons Exchange page, where popular lesson plans populate at the top of the page in the Featured Lessons section.

The community site is an extremely visual web experience. Members can manually feature images and create gorgeous mosaics on the home page. The site also features video galleries where teachers and students can upload video projects.

The SFFS website uses Ingeniux responsive web design for optimal presentation of rich media content across tablet, desktop, and mobile devices. The responsive design allows people to find the films they're looking for from their smartphones and tablets while making movie trailers and synopses easier to view.

SFFS set up its Film Guide using Ingeniux guide filters. Site visitors can use Film Guide to search for films based on a variety of criteria, including country, venue, programs, genre, and keyword. With this new feature, users can find films that are relevant to their searches with pin point accuracy; better yet, they no longer have to scroll through long lists of movie listings. The Film Guide is a powerful tool that empowers visitors to find the exact film they're in the mood for, or to discover new films in programs provided by SFFS. 

The festival's calendar webpage underwent a complete overhaul with the new Ingeniux site for SFFS. One new addition to this view is a hover feature: hover over a film listed in the calendar and a mini pop-up box will appear providing film synopses, photos, and a link to purchase tickets. This is one of several parts of the site that are integrated with NetForm and Agile Ticketing.

Amanda Todd, Development Director at SFFS, had this to say about the new Ingeniux website: 

"We were truly thrilled with our new website this year at the San Francisco International Film Festival. The team at Ingeniux was instrumental in working with SF Film Society staff to streamline systems.  In particular, our members and audiences commented frequently about how efficiently viewing film options, our festival calendar and purchasing tickets were integrated.  We had an outstanding year and can't help but think that the ease of web ticket purchasing helped our efforts to meet and exceed revenue budgets."

 At a Glance:

  • Beautiful and highly visual Cartella community site
  • Easy lesson sharing via new "Lesson Exchange" page type for Cartella community
  • Ingeniux CMS responsive web design to format to any device
  • Ingeniux smart filters for finding films on the film guide 
  • Updated Calendar page with "hover" feature for film synopses, photos, and tickets
  • Integration with NetForum and Agile Ticketing to puchase movie tickets directly through the website


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With Ingeniux CMS and Cartella, Ingeniux's collaboration software, the San Francisco Film Society is able to nurture a vibrant film community and run one of the nation's largest film festivals.

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