Three Tier Architecture

Ingeniux Cartella consists of a three-tier architecture of:

  • Pre-built Modules
  • Social content management services
  • Content storage


Built on Microsoft ASP.NET MVC, Cartella makes it easy for .NET developers to customize or build new modules on the Cartella platform while employing web standards. Microsoft ASP.NET MVC also provides a streamlined implementation approach for Cartella. Cartella-powered communities are rapidly developed using ASP.NET Razor templates using standards based web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. Content in Cartella is available through .NET APIs, allowing social content to be "mashed" with other applications or accessed by any website.

Cartella Modules

Cartella Modules Cartella Modules are the top tier of the Cartella architecture. Modules provide pre-built solutions for managing specific types of social content. Available Modules include Document Management, Blogging, Video, Image Gallery, Directory, Calendar, Forum, and Social Services, such as commenting and rating. Modules are developed using Microsoft ASP.NET MVC and may be extended and modified easily. Cartella is also extensible with a custom module development framework to meet the needs of specific use cases.

Social Content Management

The core application tier for Cartella provides a set of content management services, such as Workflow, User Management, Content Sharing and Permissions, and Notifications for reporting and outbound user engagement, and a full tagging system. Content is available via a API which supports delivering content in XHTML, JSON, and XML syndication formats and provides a powerful way to repurpose Cartella content in other applications and sites.

Content Asset Storage

Cartella supports a wide range of data storage systems, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL databases. Files may be stored in SAN or NAS file systems or within Microsoft SharePoint. Cartella supports database clustering as well as federated asset and file storage across multiple repositories.

Identity Management

Cartella has out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP. It also offers built-in membership management features for managing users who do not have an identity system account. Authentication is also federated, which allows a single community to combine multiple forms of authentication for its members.

Additional authentication providers can be added using the .NET Membership Provider standard.