March 13, 2020

Content Matters Podcast: Managing Content and Creating ART with Ian Truscott

Ian Truscott is the Founder and Strategy Director of Appropingo, a consultancy that helps organizations design and implement better marketing strategies. Truscott has been a CMO/VP Marketing for a few technology companies and was a content management analyst for the Gilbane Group. With all this experience, Truscott understands a lot about marketing strategies and marketing tech, including content management. In this episode of the Content Matters Podcast, we chat with Truscott about content management, engaging audiences, and creating ART.

February 12, 2020

Content Matters Podcast: Scott Abel on Content Strategy and Information Enablement

In our first podcast episode of Season 2 of the Content Matters podcast, we had the opportunity to talk with Scott Abel, CEO and Chief Wrangler of the Content Wrangler. Abel is an expert on content strategy, working with organizations to develop strategies to create, maintain, and deliver their content across channels. Abel is a popular speaker on content strategy, and he’s the co-author of Intelligent Content Management: A Primer and The Language of Content Strategy, and the creator of the Content Strategy Series of books from XML Press.

January 13, 2020

Content Matters Podcast: David Hillis on the Rise of Agile Content Management and What it Means for Organizations

Who better to talk to about the evolution of content management than someone who talks with organizations every day about their content needs? David Hillis, VP of Business Development at Ingeniux, doesn’t just work with prospective customers, he is also responsible for the marketing team at Ingeniux. In our interview with Hillis for the Content Matters Podcast, he shared his views on the changing content landscape and the shift to agile content management.

January 7, 2020

Content Matters 2019: Insights from Marketing & Content Management Thought Leaders

We kicked off the Content Matters Podcast in January 2019 with the goal of talking to and sharing insights with thought leaders in the content management space. It was a year packed with experts who understand the value of content, how it impacts marketing activities, and what you need to do to ensure the content you create supports the needs of your customers. For our last podcast of 2019, we thought it would be nice to look back on these conversations and bring you a key insight from each of the thought leaders we interviewed.

October 21, 2019

Content Matters Podcast: Alan Porter Talks Content-Driven Experiences

Alan Porter is the Director of Content Intelligence Strategy at [A], a consulting firm that provides content intelligence services. He is a frequent conference speaker, guest writer, and trainer on content marketing, content strategy, customer experience and more. Porter is also the author of “The Content Pool: Leveraging Your Company's Largest Hidden Asset,” as well as a number of fiction books, comic books, and reference books. Porter shared insights with us on everything related to content strategy and content marketing; here’s a summary of the conversation.

August 29, 2019

Content Matters Podcast: The Future of Marketing with Mathew Sweezey

Mathew Sweezey is the principal of marketing insights at Salesforce. He's also a Forbes contributor, author, and creator of the Electronic Propaganda Society, a nine-part podcast series that looks at the failure and the future of marketing. Sweezey joined us on the Content Matters Podcast to talk about how marketing needs to change to deliver better experiences, including the idea of human to human marketing, the role of artificial intelligence and the evolution to context marketing.

August 16, 2019

Content Matters Podcast: Understanding Storytelling in B2B Marketing with Ann Handley

It’s exciting to get to talk to experts about content marketing and how to tell effective stories in your customer experiences, so we were very excited to talk to Ann Handley. Handley is a digital and content marketing expert. She is a partner and Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs and an award-winning author of two books: Everybody Writes and Content Rules. Handley joined us on the Content Matters Podcast to talk about storytelling in B2B Marketing.

August 5, 2019

Content Matters Podcast: Ken Mafli Discusses SEO, Content Strategy and Pillar Content

Ken Mafli is the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Townsend Security, responsible for brand awareness and lead generation. Mafli is helping the company move forward with account-based marketing initiatives. He’s been working as a marketer for the last ten years and has learned a thing or two about SEO and content strategy. In this article we summarize some of his insights from our podcast interview with Ken.

June 17, 2019

Content Matters Podcast: A Better Way to Think About Design with Claudio Guglieri

The Ingeniux User Conference is around the corner, and we thought it would be great to catch up with one of our keynote speakers, Claudio Guglieri. Guglieri is a designer and the Group Creative Director at Huge, a full-service digital agency. He has worked with some of the biggest tech companies, including Apple, Adobe, and Microsoft (where he led the visual direction of Fluent Design, Microsoft's own design system). In this episode of the Content Matters Podcast, we talk about how human-centered design is changing the way we think about design.

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