March 8, 2018

Data-Driven Digital Strategy: Measuring Success with Web Analytics

If you aren't monitoring the performance of your website and adapting it through insights gleaned from your analytics, then you should be. To help you understand the value that web analytics brings to your digital content experience, we recently held a webinar, Data-Driven Digital Strategy: Measuring Success with Web Analytics. Ingeniux VP of Business Development, Keith Osiewicz, walked through the importance of web metrics and how you can apply them in your organization to help you develop a data-driven digital strategy.

March 7, 2018

5 Key Digital Asset Management Features in Ingeniux CMS 10

There has been a lot of discussion about the importance of digital assets in web and customer experience this past year. Web-based text content is still the primary way for customers to learn more about a company and its products and services, but other content types have gained in popularity. Videos, images, downloadable documents and PDFs, and other assets are a key part of the digital experience, and you need to manage them with the same care and rigor as your web pages. At Ingeniux, we look at digital assets in the same way we look at text-based web content.

February 26, 2018

Working with Search in Ingeniux CMS 10

Research shows that the first thing most people do when they come to a website is search for content. The new version of Ingeniux CMS comes with an improved version of Ingeniux InSite Search. What we wanted to do was not only provide a great search experience to end-users - the visitor - but also improve the management of the search experience for administrators. InSite Search is based on Lucene.NET and is used within the CMS for both website search and backend content management search. InSite Search is a standalone application that integrates seamlessly with Ingeniux CMS 10. Learn more about the new and improved InSite Search and how to work with it in CMS 10.

February 22, 2018

The End of Customer Service is the Beginning of Customer Self-Service

It's been said that you can never make your customers happy all of the time. Even if you make them happy 99% of the time - that one bad experience will destroy all of the good ones. So, if you don't focus on making customers happy 100% of the time, what do you focus on? That is the central focus of a video from Esteban Kolsky's Beyond the Hype series. In the video, Kolsky says we must turn our attention to providing customers the ability to do what they need to do, how and when they want to do it. The future of customer service is customer self-service. Learn more about this shift in focus, and where to start with your company.

January 31, 2018

How Life Science Companies Can Ensure Their Customers Find the Right Information

Website administrators in the Life Sciences industry face the difficult task of building a website that disseminates information effectively. Why is this necessary? Certificates of analysis, material safety datasheets, tech sheets, etc. have existed for years in the Life Sciences industry. For safety and legal reasons, many customers require that a printed copy of these documents exist where the products are being used; therefore, customers need to find these documents on their vendors’ websites - fast.

January 17, 2018

Structured Content: Today’s Best Practice

If you want to understand structured content and its benefits. there's no better person to talk to than Ann Rockley. Ann is often referred to as the mother of content strategy and is the creator of the concept "intelligent content" (what we also call "structured content"). This is why we invited Rockley to host a webinar with us on the topic. Learn more about structured content and intelligent content in this recap of our webinar with Ann Rockley.

January 11, 2018

3 Ways to Edit Content in Ingeniux CMS 10

It's finally here! Ingeniux CMS 10 has been released into the wild and we are thrilled at the opportunity to show off the new user interface, features, and functionality to our customers. In the coming months you'll see a lot of information on the latest release of our CMS software in an effort to educate and inspire those who are starting to use CMS 10. On the blog we'll highlight important new features and how to use them. In our first installment, we take a look at the new and improved content editing features in Ingeniux CMS 10 and how users can start taking advantage of them today.

May 16, 2017

Three Ways to Make Your Content More Relevant

Contextual, relevant experiences are the name of the game these days. Whether you are creating content for your website or some type of printed document, you're going to want the ability to make the content more relevant to a specific audience. You can do just that when you work with structured content, even if your content is more “technical” in nature. In this blog post, we outline three ways you can achieve personalized, relevant content with structured content strategy.

May 12, 2017

Q&A with Robert Rose: Intelligent Content Delivery

Marketers today face a dilemma. They are responsible for delivering a great deal of engaging content to a wide variety of channels, but they aren't necessarily given the time, resources and funding to make it happen. The result is a desire to rely on technology to do the work necessary, but technology isn't the answer. Intelligent content may be – but are marketers ready for the work required to implement it successfully? We had the opportunity to chat with Robert Rose, founder and chief strategy officer for The Content Advisory, and chief strategy advisor for the Content Marketing Institute, about the challenges marketers face today.

April 25, 2017

Headless CMS: A Simple Way to Power Web and Mobile Apps

When it comes to content management, sometimes less is more. While many CMS solutions have taken the “Web Experience in a Box” approach, building more and more functionality for content presentation and delivery, modern CMS applications blend both web experience capabilities and purely decoupled – or Headless - deployment options. What exactly does "headless" mean and why is it necessary for modern web or digital experiences?

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