March 1, 2017

Effective Web Experiences Pt. 10: Analytics

Web analytics measure, track, and report on website usage, including pages viewed, time on site, entry and exit pages, conversions and more. The information your analytics provide can be high-level, or you can dig deep and find critical insights. It takes time to set up analytics correctly, but it takes more time to monitor activity and performance actively and implement changes based on the insights provided.

February 28, 2017

Effective Web Experiences Pt. 9: Performance

Website performance is something many marketers don't think about as much as they do design and content, but it is equally important to the user experience. Website performance looks at how fast your website loads and how quickly visitors can complete website transactions. Page load times for desktop and mobile are critical and greatly affect the amount of traffic you receive, so they can't be ignored. Read through our expert tips on how to get your site performing better.

February 24, 2017

Web Metrics in Higher Education Pt. 3: Behavior

We’ve come to our final analytics concept in our web metrics for Higher Eductation blog series. We hope you've enjoyed the series so far. In this post we’ll focus on behavior, or understanding what site visitors are doing on our website and why. Find out how to set up metrics to catch behavior and tips for decoding user behavior.

February 22, 2017

Effective Web Experiences Pt. 8: Alerts, Chats, and Social Media

In part 8 of our blog series on effective web experiences we reach the topic of social media! In today's world, no discussion on effective web experience is complete without talking about alerts, chat and the role of social media. Alerts, chats, social media integration and similar capabilities are features you add to your website to drive higher levels of engagement and support with your customers and prospects.

February 21, 2017

Web Metrics in Higher Education Pt. 2: Discovery

In part two of our series on tracking web metrics in Higher Education, we’ll take a close look at the path a user took to find your content, also known as “Discovery.” In my last blog, we established metrics to understand who is visiting our websites. Now, we need to know how they found us. To do this, we can track the top referring sites, campaign traffic, and keywords, but we’re going to take this even further…

February 13, 2017

Web Metrics in Higher Education Pt. 1: Site Visitors

As a web manager in Higher Education, getting settled into 2017 means you’ve probably asked yourself: What should I be paying attention to, this year specifically, in my web strategy. Tracking web analytics and metrics year-round is important for all organizations. But as with most things in Higher Education, there are areas where we’ll need to approach things differently. In part one of this blog series we look at what information you'll want to capture about your site visitors.

February 9, 2017

Effective Web Experiences Pt. 7: Digital Marketing Capabilities

A website today isn’t complete without integrated digital marketing capabilities. In the latest of our Effective Web Experiences blog series we take a close look at marketing features you might consider integrating into your overall web experience that help marketers effectively engage with customers and prospects, and personalize your web experience.

February 7, 2017

Effective Web Experiences Pt. 6: The Search Experience

All great web experiences offer search. Search seems like a simple capability to implement; connect a search engine, or use the one that comes with your Web CMS, and let the indexing begin. But it’s much more involved than it appears on the surface. If you want your search capability to be truly useful and return results that best match the visitor’s search request, then your search engine should be able to search for all the content available on your website regardless of format and you should also be able to weight certain content in your CMS to rise to the top of the search results based on certain keywords or content importance.

January 30, 2017

Ingeniux Listed as Top .NET CMS Platform by CMS-Connected

It can be hard to find an honest and reliable comparison of .NET Web Content Management solutions. CMS-Connected is trying to change that. In their latest list of top .Net CMS platforms and comparisons, CMS-connected profiles Ingeniux and other vendors to provide and accurate view of what’s available for web content management software built on the Microsoft .Net platform.

January 26, 2017

Effective Web Experiences Pt. 5: A/B Testing

How do you know your website is performing well, and that customers are converting at optimal rates? One way you can understand performance better is to perform A/B Testing. This is the topic of our blog today in our series building effective web experiences.

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