February 25, 2020
Here’s What 7 Attendees Had to Say About Their Time at the Ingeniux User Conference
Ingeniux User Conference Testimonials

Every year we bring a community of Ingeniux users together in Seattle, WA for the Ingeniux User Conference. This event gives us the opportunity to connect with users, hear feedback, talk about the product and where it’s going and, most importantly, provide learning opportunities so that everyone leaves the conference armed with the tools they need to be successful.

Here’s what seven past attendees had to say about their time at the conference. Find out what they thought about the event and what they learned. Then, read on for a look at what’s in store for the 2020 conference and reserve your seat for the event.

Advance the Knowledge of Your Development Team

The User Conference is great for planning the future of our web properties and advancing the knowledge of our development team. From birds-eye views of future improvements to new ideas for deployment, the information provided at the conference never fails to be useful for years to come.

The biggest assets are learning from and having direct conversations with the development team. They are extremely knowledgeable and great to talk to during the conference.

- Zach Ritter, Senior Web Developer, Boyne Resorts

Nathan Eggen Ingeniux User Conference Speaker

Hear Ingeniux’s Vision for the Future and Meaningfully Interact with Ingeniux Staff

The annual Ingeniux User Conference is an event I look forward to attending every year. Jim Edmunds’ (CEO) keynote speech is always on the mark, sharing his vision and Ingeniux’s forward-thinking approach to web content management. The multi-track approach (development and marketing) allows me to attend breakout sessions that are tailored and relevant to my needs. One of the more interactive portions the past two years has been the roundtable brainstorming session about current and future functionality challenges and feature requests. This forum really allows for meaningful interaction between all clients and Ingeniux staff. I’d recommend any Ingeniux client attend this event if possible.

- Carlos Felan, Digital Systems Coordinator, WSECU

Inspire and Energize Your Team with Actionable Lessons and Meaningful Discussions

The Ingeniux User Conference has been an invaluable asset for me and our team. From the workshops at the conference, to the user conference sessions, there’s always something new and exciting to learn and discuss. You’ll be able to apply these lessons directly to your web development and content teams. When we depart these sessions, our team always feels motivated, excited, and eager to implement lessons we’ve learned from the user conference into our codebase or SOPs.

It’s amazing to be able to interact with the developers and team at Ingeniux to ask questions, bring forward suggestions, and get to network with some of the incredible talent in the various industries that use the Ingeniux CMS as their content management system of choice. I can’t overstate how much we’ve taken from the conference, the lessons we’ve learned, the experiences we’ve had, and how much we appreciate the user conference to re-energize our whole team.

- Michael Stenberg, Web Developer, Big Sky Resort

Connecting with Ingeniux Users at Ingeniux User Conference

Provide User Feedback Directly to Product Decision-Makers  

One of my favorite parts was the Roundtable Discussion among users. I appreciated that Ingeniux discussed openly and took the wish list to heart.

- Kristen Ellis, Web Developer, American Optometric Association

Connect with the User Community, Share Advice and Solutions

I had a great time at my first Ingeniux User Conference and my first time in Seattle. I really enjoyed meeting the different attendees from different parts of the country who are using Ingeniux. They had similar challenges with their websites in Higher Education and were willing to share how they solved a lot of those issues. The conference was well organized, and I liked that the venue was small enough, so you didn't have to run from one session to another across a huge lobby.

- Oswaldo Mendoza, Senior Web Designer, University of Nevada, Reno

Networking Events at the Ingeniux User Conference

Hear from Industry-Leading Guest Keynote Speakers, Bring Fresh Ideas Back to Your Team

The Ingeniux User Conference has been very rewarding for me professionally. I really enjoy networking with fellow Ingeniux users and Ingeniux staff while attending practical sessions focused on best practices. I also appreciate the featured keynote presentations discussing industry information and how these trends are being integrated as new system features. Every year I can bring back unique ideas for marketing and site development in order to improve our web strategies.

- Nick Taylor, Web Master, Allegany College

Great People, Great Ideas, Great Time!

We look forward to going to the Ingeniux User Conference for several reasons. It is always a good refresher of the abilities and potential of the CMS. We are very familiar with the things we use but sometimes we forget the pieces that we don’t often use, or that got developed after we did our implementation.

Looking to the future, it is great to see where the software is heading. Ingeniux is open to our ideas and needs, and we have seen our feedback implemented and our ideas come to life.

It is nice to connect with our project managers and team of developers, establishing a different type of dynamic and relationship. It’s also a great opportunity to catch up with the owner and CEO of the company, who makes himself 100% available for anything that we would like to share with him.

The bottom line: Great people, great ideas, great time!

- Agus Maria Silveira, Web Developer, Sunday River

Connecting with Ingeniux Staff at the Ingeniux User Conference

What to Expect in 2020

As always, the 2020 Ingeniux User Conference will be the best opportunity for Ingeniux users to increase their product knowledge, build industry awareness and exchange ideas.

The program will feature multiple industry-leading keynotes, who will present on topics like the future of digital marketing, .NET development, UX and content strategy. Two full days of breakout sessions and interactive sessions will leave you with plenty of knowledge to take back to your team and inject your projects with renewed energy.

Jim Edmunds, Ingeniux CEO and Founder will present the Ingeniux Product Roadmap, giving you a first look at the future of Ingeniux CMS, where the industry is heading, and how Ingeniux fits into (and is affecting) that future.

And we can’t forget about the networking parties. 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of Ingeniux, which means we’ll have extra special events lined up for those who attend the conference in July. Stay tuned for details, which will be announced early spring.

Here’s a quick view of the 2020 conference week:

  • Monday, July 20: Training (additional cost)
  • Tuesday, July 21: Training (additional cost)
  • Wednesday, July 22: User Conference
  • Thursday, July 23: User Conference
  • Friday, July 24: Workshops (additional cost)

We will announce more conference and programming details soon. In the meantime, registration is open!


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