February 9, 2017
Effective Web Experiences Pt. 7: Digital Marketing Capabilities

A website today isn't complete without integrated digital marketing capabilities. This might be a landing page for a resource, sign up form for a newsletter, or another marketing tactic. It might be an email newsletter or a social message that drives visitors to a particular web page on the website.

Marketing automation and email marketing solutions are products designed to help marketers engage with customers and prospects across different channels in a consistent and often seamless way. 

"On average 49% of companies are currently using Marketing automation. With more than half of B2B companies (55%) adopting the technology." - emailmonday

Integration of the Web CMS with a marketing automation or email marketing solutions such as Marketo, ExactTarget, Pardot, Act-On, Mail Chimp and others, allows you to connect the content shared and the personal information gathered from these activities. This integration can also help you personalize your web experience. 

Key Steps, Tips and Best Practices

If you are using your website to help market and drive leads to your company, then you need both a Web CMS and a marketing automation solution. Some things to keep in mind: 

  • If you already use a marketing automation solution, ensure that it can seamlessly integrate with your Web CMS. 
  • When designing campaigns to promote certain content or events, plan how you will create landing pages within your Web CMS and push registration profile information back to your MA solution.
  • Leveraging a MA solution, you can also look at implementing progressive profiling for lead generation forms, the process of asking for more information with each new content asset request using profile information already captured in the MA solution.
  • Using profile information stored in your MA, you can personalize the web experience to a particular visitor or segment of users. In this case, your Web CMS would deploy a cookie that tracks a visitor and connects them with a profile in the MA solution. 

Some Useful Links for Marketing Automation

Need some additional information? Check out these useful resources: 

There is a lot of work that goes into designing effective web experiences and integration with marketing automation and email campaigns is a very important part of that work. Your digital marketing strategy should identify areas where your email campaigns connect with your website.

Ingeniux tightly integrates marketing automation systems with its CMS. You can learn more about that integration in the Ingeniux CMS Platform Overview.

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