September 12, 2017
A 7 Point Checklist for Higher Education Web Experience Management

So, it's time for a website redesign and you aren't sure if your current web content management system can support the new features and functionality - not to mention user experience - you want.

It can be tempting in these situations to jump to a shiny new solution or platform. But before you decide to cut the cord and enter into a complex RFP process, print off this 7-point checklist to determine if your CMS has what it takes to deliver your next generation higher education web experience.

>> Download the Checklist

7 Point Checklist 

In this 7 point checklist, you'll find a simple way to evaluate the following features and functionality:

  1. Course Catalog
  2. Directory
  3. Alerts and Notifications
  4. Events Calendar
  5. User Generated Content
  6. Responsive Design
  7. Web Governance 

Of Course, There Are More Than Just 7 Points...

There's a lot more your CMS should provide to ensure you can deliver the best web experiences to your prospective students, student, parents and other key audiences.

If you are looking for a guide to help you set out on your RFP process (or just to determine the capabilities of your current CMS), download the Sample RFP Guide to Higher Education.

Posted by David Hillis
Categories: Marketing
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