PR, Content and Comms Strategy with Kristin Hege

Kristin Hege is an experienced public relations professional who joined us on the Content Matters podcast to talk about the evolving public relations industry.

Barb Mosher Zinck | July 5, 2023

Content Strategy, Content Operations, and the Impact of Generative AI on the Content Creation Process

Get key insights and guidance on creating the right content operations for your company, including learning where generative AI fits in. 

Barb Mosher Zinck | June 27, 2023

Stop the Random Acts of Marketing with Chris Carr

Chris Carr, founder and CEO of marketing agency Farotech shares insights and advice to marketers trying to succeed today.

Barb Mosher Zinck | May 25, 2023

AI Is Changing the Way You Work, But Get Your Data in Order First If You Want to Truly Take Advantage

Scott Brinker shares guidance on marketing operations including getting your data in order to fully leverage AI, building platforms, and cross-org collaboration.

Barb Mosher Zinck | May 2, 2023

The People, Process, and Tech of Content Operations with Cathy McKnight

Cathy McKnight, Chief Problem Solver at The Content Advisory, joined the podcast to talk about content strategy and content operations.

Barb Mosher Zinck | April 25, 2023

Martech Evolution: Platforms, Stacks, and More with Scott Brinker

Scott Brinker, VP of Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot, joined us on the Content Matters podcast to talk about the evolution of marketing technologies, including generative AI.

April 3, 2023

Paul Roetzer Helps Put ChatGPT and Generative AI in the Right Perspective

Everyone is talking about ChatGPT and generative AI. There's excitement; there's fear. It's time to get some perspective here.

Barb Mosher Zinck | March 1, 2023

A Conversation on AI with Paul Roetzer – Writing, Marketing, Search, and More

Paul Roetzer, CEO and Founder of the Marketing AI Insititute joined us on the podcast to talk about what's happening with generative AI, the opportunities and challenges, and what we need...

Barb Mosher Zinck | February 14, 2023

Rethinking the Path to Go-To-Marketing with Sangram Vajre

Sangram Vajre joined us for the final episode of the Content Matters Podcast for 2022 to talk about marketing’s evolution and the need to rethink go-to-market.

Barb Mosher Zinck | December 6, 2022

[Webinar] Reinventing the Web: Web3, Blockchain, and NFTs

What is this Web3 that everyone is talking about? What is crypto and NFTs and how will this affect you and your business? Learn the basics of these new technologies and LOTS of use cases...

Barb Mosher Zinck | November 2, 2022

All Things Marketing with Brian Piper: Content, SEO, Analytics, Web3, Oh My!

Brian Piper, Director of Content Strategy and Assessment, University of Rochester, joined the podcast to talk about content marketing, analytics, SEO, Web3 and more.

Barb Mosher Zinck | October 6, 2022

[Webinar] Content Marketing Strategy Best Practices and Approaches

In this webinar, Dennis Shiao will show brands how they can adopt some of the community-building strategies he learned while launching the Bay Area Content Marketing Meet Up to drive...

Barb Mosher Zinck | September 22, 2022
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