6 Steps to a Unified Customer Support Portal

For most enterprises support extends far beyond a Salesforce CRM or Desk.com ticketing system, yet many still adopt cookie-cutter solutions that can't meet the full service and support needs of customers. What if you could bring all your information, services and support together in a single experience, increasing loyalty and retention, and lowering costs? 

What if you could:

  • Seamlessly connect all your service and support applications into a unified customer experience? 
  • Eliminate the need for individual application subscription fees, expensive growth and vendor lock-in? 
  • Provide self-service access to technical and product information, and have relevant content surfaced right alongside support tickets or service requests? 
  • Make your brand central to your customer support and service? 

A unified customer portal connects disparate content and back-office service and support applications and provides a seamless customer support experience that improves customer loyalty, leads to cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and encourages retention. Download your free copy of Six Steps to a Unified Customer Support Portal today.


Six Steps to a Unified Customer Support Portal