The Best RFP Template Guide for your Web CMS Selection Process

The Best RFP Template Guide for your Web CMS Selection Process

All the information you need to document your business needs, primary use cases and selection criteria for a new Web CMS.

Web Content Management is the foundation on which your web experience strategies are built. Yet most organizations do not have an effective way to evaluate a Web CMS. The RFP Template Guide provides guidance and best practices for your Web CMS selection process, along with a customizable RFP template to give to potential vendors.


Straight advice and a customizable RFP response template you can count on to get to the best decision.

Inside the RFP Template Guide you'll find:

Preparing the RFP:

  • Understand & document Business & Operations Goals & Objectives
  • Outline Key Use Cases
  • Define Critical Requirements & Success Factors
  • Identify Timetable & Budget Constraints
  • Supporting Tables for tracking & evaluating vendors

The RFP Response Package:

  • Outlining Key Goals & Objectives
  • Critical Requirements
  • Vendor Overview
  • Product Roadmap
  • Customer References
  • Use Case Support
  • Web CMS capabilities spreadsheet

With the sheer number of Web CMS platforms available, you need the Web CMS RFP Template Guide to ensure your process is sound and decision is right.