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Ingeniux CMS 8 - Web Experience Management Software

Web experience management software empowers teams to build persuasive websites, personalize user experiences, deliver online marketing capabilities and insight, and manage information across multiple channels, from web to mobile to social to print. See a Live Demo of Ingeniux CMS

Download the 12 Reasons to Choose Ingeniux CMS white paperIngeniux CMS 8 is an enterprise web content management platform designed to manage the persuasive web. Based entirely on open standards, Ingeniux CMS features web-based clients, intuitive in-context editing for XHTML and XML content, integrated web analytics, dynamic delivery options for virtually every platform, and CMS Apps to extend your website with certified web solutions.

Whether your goal is managing complex websites, targeting content for global markets, or automating web marketing programs, Ingeniux CMS is the smart solution.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy To Use Anyone can create and edit web content, regardless of technical skill. Rich browser-based AJAX web clients make content updates fast and Office-friendly.
  • Work Anywhere Use the Ingeniux Universal Client to update and publish content in Ingeniux CMS. Built with the latest web technologies, including jQuery, the Universal Client is designed to work in any web browser without installing any software.
  • Pixel Perfect Mobile Delivery Ingeniux CMS provides up-to-date profiles for thousands of mobile phones and devices. You can define the devices you want to target and optimize delivery. Mobile preview and editing provides pixel perfect views on your mobile sites.
  • Developer Friendly The Dynamic Site Server, built on the Microsoft.NET platform, makes it easy to implement custom solutions in the CMS. With the DSS, developers can take advantage of cutting-edge Microsoft technologies, including ASP.NET 4.0, MVC 3, and the Razor view engine.
  • Got Apps? An in-CMS App store delivers innovative website solutions for managing event calendars, forms, analytics, 301 redirects, and much more.
  • Go Global Available in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, and other languages, Ingeniux CMS makes it easy for teams worldwide to collaborate on content. The Locale feature delivers websites in multiple languages and streamlines the localization process with translation management and version tracking.
  • Elevate Search Rankings and Meet Standards Ingeniux uses SEO-friendly structured URLs, manages links and navigation, ensures XHTML and CSS validation, and supports compliance requirements with 508a, WAI, and other accessibility guidelines.
  • Unlock Your Content with XML An XML server delivers dynamic content anywhere, in any format. Stop locking web content into HTML formatting or complex database applications and make it truly reusable.
  • Built for the Enterprise Authenticate users with LDAP, permission people and content, use workflow to approve updates, version and archive pages, and deploy in any technology, including XML, HTML, PDF, .NET, CFM, JSP, PHP, and more.