Workshops take place on Friday, September 29. Join us for 4 hours of hands-on learning with expert Ingeniux workshop leaders. 

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Code Deployment Workshop

Date: Friday, September 29
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Workshop Leaders: Thomas Evenson and Douglas Rompasky

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In this workshop, experienced Ingeniux developers will teach attendees best practices for managing and deploying code using Git and GitHub. The day will begin with a walk-through of how to set up an account on GitHub, create repositories, etc. Here, attendees will learn how to work in the source control system used by organizations like NASA and Microsoft. The skills learned here can be applied to many other source control systems as well.

Next, attendees will work through a set of scenarios and test exercises that will instill the knowledge and expertise required to master the dev life cycle from dev CMS to live CMS.  This includes branching, committing, pull requests, merges, and more.  

Attendees will walk away from this workshop with the working knowledge every developer needs to take control of their dev environment and lessen the potential for errors. After the workshop, each attendee will receive a Zip file containing the projects they worked on during the session, along with reference materials to assist them as they work on their own projects back home.  

Workshop Curriculum Overview:

  • Git and GitHub overview and tutorial
  • Best practices for source control, including branching, committing, pull requests, merges, and code deployment when working in GitHub
  • How to pin-point bad code and catch code issues before they go live
  • Understanding and employing continuous deployment
  • Best practices for collaborating with multiple developers working in the same dev environment
  • Overview of what was learned 



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