Creating a World-class Translation Strategy with the New Ingeniux Worldview

Wednesday, September 27, 11:00 AM to 11:50 AM Adam Busbin & Jose Palomares, Cascade B

So, you've decided that you're ready to take your web presence global. You've identified the countries or regions you want to reach - now what?

A lot more goes into a successful translation and localization strategy than meets the eye. For many organizations, managing international websites remains a challenge because of missed opportunities during translation, localization, and even content implementation.

Join Jose Palomares, Chief Technology Officer at Venga Global and Adam Busbin, Ingeniux CMS Developer as they demonstrate what a world-class translation strategy looks like, and methods for preparing your content for translation and localization in Ingeniux CMS. 

Then, get to know the "new" Ingeniux Worldview with a walk-through of the latest features and functionality. See the translation process in action and become familiar with Venga's popular integration with Ingeniux CMS.