Lab: Using InSite Search to Deliver a World-class Search Strategy

Wednesday, September 27, 2:00 PM to 4:15 PM Sam Lee & Mark Hughes, Cascade B

Lab Sessions are two hour sessions, led by an experienced trainer, developer, or workshop leader. In each Lab you'll have the opportunity to do a deep-dive into a single topic. Labs last two hours with a 15 minute refreshment break in the middle of the session. 

We recommend bringing your own laptop and/or pen and paper to this session for note taking purposes. 

A lot of people have been talking about internal search lately. Internal search allows site visitors to find the content they need to engage with your organization in a meaningful way. No matter how great your content, it is meaningless if the right users can't find it.

In this two-part Lab Session workshop leaders will explore why internal search is important and how to approach it as a part of your web strategy. Get to know what a world-class internal search strategy looks like and how it can transform your web experience by increasing engagement and conversion rates.  

Then, take some time to explore Ingeniux InSite Search up close. Ingeniux InSite Search is a powerful search application available for Ingeniux CMS and Cartella software. It's based on, a leading framework for enterprise search applications.  

Learn about the product in detail, including:  

 - Overview of Ingeniux InSite Search 
 - How to implement InSite Search
 - How Ingeniux InSite Search works, and which features come out of the box and which are custom
 - How to use InSite Search and features in the CMS to prepare your site for a world-class search strategy 

This sesssion has a little something for everyone, with plenty of content for both marketers and technical developers.