Lab: Preparing for Page Builder: Front to Back

Wednesday, September 27, 2:00 PM to 4:15 PM Thomas Evenson & Douglas Rompasky, Cascade A

Lab Sessions are two hour sessions, led by an experienced trainer, developer, or workshop leader. In each Lab you'll have the opportunity to do a deep-dive into a single topic. Labs last two hours with a 15 minute refreshment break in the middle of the session. 

Please bring your own laptop to this Lab Session. There will be a limited number of additional laptops available for those unable to bring their own. For questions, email

Page Builder is an excellent tool that helps both content creators and developers save time and resources. To use this tool successfully however, it's critical that front-end and back-end developers prepare their sites properly. 

In this interactive Lab Session, team leaders from Ingeniux dev services will walk you through Page Builder to show you what you'll need to know to prepare to use the tool effectively in the latest version.  

Then, get some hands-on time using Page Builder in the CMS. Lab leaders will demonstrate best practices for implementing views and other tasks, then provide time for you to do the tasks yourself in the CMS. 

Bonus: Now that Ingeniux CMS Version 10 is on the horizon, there are some new considerations around Page Builder. You'll want to be aware of how the new UI and functionality will affect how you use this tool in the latest version. Lab leaders will walk you through some key considerations and let you know what to expect. 

You'll walk away from this course prepared to set up and use Page Builder successfully - the way the tool was meant to be used.