Developing for Content-as-a-Service

Thursday, September 28, 10:30 AM to 11:20 AM Nathan Eggen, Cascade A

Digital content has grown well beyond the bounds of traditional websites. From new front-end development frameworks like Angular JS, Ember, and React, to mobile applications, Internet of Things, print, and other channels, it is now an imperative to manage content beyond traditional websites.

The challenge is that most Web CMS software solutions are not designed to support the extent of the current challenges in the industry. A traditional CMS assumes that all the pages or screens are built and managed in the CMS. This assumption is a non-starter for most organizations. Applications are built with custom code, require build and deploy processes, and need to be managed in existing source code control and development operations systems.

Content-as-a-Service, or CaaS, is a strategy for delivering CMS-managed content to Web applications and other channels. It is a key strategy to help align marketing and IT programs. It's about proper governance and orchestration of content, and decoupling presentation from management. Because Ingeniux CMS is a "decoupled CMS," it is one of the few solutions on the market today that allows users to deliver CaaS effectively.

In this session Nathan Eggen, Director of Product Development at Ingeniux will demonstrate how to develop your website so that other teams in your organization can effectively deliver Content-as-a-Service.