July 14, 2015

ASP.NET Web CMS Database: NoSQL vs. SQL Server

No topic on ASP.NET CMS platforms would be complete without talking about the database. In an agile decoupled content management and deployment model, a relational database presents challenges. Content needs to be managed in a more structured (or intelligent) manner than a Blob provides. What's required is a flexible content or data model, offering a richer content structure, and that's where NoSQL can help.

July 9, 2015

ASP.NET Web CMS: Structured Content vs. Blob Content

In the third installment of our series on ASP.NET Web CMS we talk content: Structured vs blob. In a multi-channel, multi-device world, the ability to reuse content is absolutely critical. Content reuse takes a variety of forms. It could be the updating of content on multiple websites or mobile devices, supporting multilingual requirements, or it could involve content for both digital and print. The idea of creating and managing separate versions of content for each channel/device screams of wasted time and effort. No one is crazy enough to do it this way (we hope!).

July 7, 2015

ASP.NET Web CMS Development Model: MVC vs. Web Forms

In this piece of our series on ASP.NET Web CMS we dive into development models. ASP.NET Web Forms is the traditional development model for ASP.NET. The problem with Web Forms is that it supports a tightly coupled architecture, one where the interface is integrated with the application functionality (code behind). MVC (model view controller) provides a different architectural pattern for development. MVC is the more modern approach to ASP.NET development, and is the future of ASP.NET with full support from Microsoft.

June 29, 2015

ASP.NET Web CMS Architecture: Decoupled vs Tightly Coupled

As you evaluate ASP.NET CMS solutions for your company, it's important to understand four key differences and how they impact your online capabilities and web experience road map. In this blog series we'll examine these four differences, explaining why they are important to understand and what each means for your decision process. Let's kick things off with the ASP.NET Web CMS architecture model.

June 16, 2015

Webinar Recap: Writing for a Global Audience: Methods & Tools

Together with our partner, KJI, a leading provider of translation and localization services, we hosted a webinar on how to ensure your content is developed for a global audience. KJI provided a valuable overview of tips and tricks to writing English with translation in mind, while Ingeniux demonstrated how to translate, manage, and optimize content in the CMS.

June 2, 2015

Content Services: The Need for Agile Web Experience Management

Customer and Web Experience is now multi-channel with mobile, web, and other targets; and multi-site, or multi-service, encompassing many different applications. Complex products and services, such as banking, insurance, travel, and healthcare are increasingly transacted online. Businesses need the ability to mix backend systems with modern web experience. In many cases, transactional or complex websites do not fit in the WEM box. They require a new breed of modern Web Experience Platforms is built using an agile approach that delivers content as a service.

May 21, 2015

Four Ways to Connect Your CRM with Your Customer and Web Experience

Most organizations use a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or SugarCRM, to manage customers and the sales process. Your CRM stores a wealth of information about the customer or prospect and their needs, providing sales professionals with at-a-glance information that helps them sell your products and services. But CRM data can be used for more than tracking customer sales information. Find out how you can leverage CRM data to manage the entire customer lifecycle.

May 7, 2015

Calling All Ingeniux Users: Five Reasons to Attend the 2015 User Conference

As a member of the Ingeniux community, hopefully you’re already looking forward to the 2015 Ingeniux User Conference. Still on the fence? No problem! Here are five great reasons why this year's user conference is a not-to-be-missed event! Highlights include hands-on sessions in the X-Lab with Ingeniux developers, presentations from industry-leading experts, fun and engaging networking events, and optional training opportunities in the days leading up to the conference. Read on and register!

March 3, 2015

Social Media Content Management Part 3: Maintaining Your Strategy by Tracking and Customizing

In the third installment of our social media content management blog series, Shaun Shaffer (a.k.a. Domingo) digs into some of the ways you can increase the ROI of your social media efforts. Find out how to track social "shares"; leverage data from your social media followers to customize their experience on your website; and increase time-on-page. Then maintain your strategy by finding and using the right measuring tools for your organization. The lesson above all: Never get too comfortable.

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