July 28, 2014
Ingeniux Partner Spotlight: Venga Global

A multi-lingual website provides companies with the opportunity to present their brand not just to an international audience, but also to a broad range of multi-lingual individuals at home locally. Extending your reach into these markets represents a significant opportunity, but a crucial consideration is the quality of your communication. Brands must communicate their message in a way that will resonate with the target audience; taking into account regional and cultural terms and components. Enter Venga Global, a company that excels in quality translation and localization of website content.

Venga Global has been driving localization best practices for the technology sector for over 15 years. The company's founders gained their expertise working in the software industry and use their fifteen plus years' experience globalizing information-based technology products to help their clients succeed internationally. Venga's focus on quality in/quality out ensures excellent source content that is translation ready, resulting in industry leading translations. 

Streamlining the Translation Process

Venga brings a powerful set of automation tools to the web translation process, reducing the time and effort required to translate a website, and saving companies time and money.

In the traditional approach, people managing the translation process are manually copying and pasting text in languages that they don't know and managing by hand hundreds of files multiplied by the number of target languages. The process is not only tedious, but a poor use of a marketing or web professional's time. This cumbersome process also introduces technical and translation errors that create costs down the line to correct.

Venga's software and services transform the localization process of websites. The Venga Translation Management System (TMS) provides the CMS integration and translation automation necessary for seamless web content migration to and from linguists, streamlining the localization process and decreasing the chance for human error. 

Ingeniux and Venga Global

Venga's translation technology is easy to integrate with the Ingeniux CMS platforms. Ingeniux CMS provides a translation management UI to ease importing/exporting content for translation as well as customizable workflows for translation, review and quality control at any point in the content authoring and publishing process. These features are offered through Ingeniux WorldView localization management functionality inside the CMS. The "translation stage" in the Ingeniux workflow begins once the API connection between the CMS and Venga TMS is established. Venga then constructs an automated workflow within the Venga TMS, automating the transitions between translation steps and basic project communication with pre-selected, vetted linguists.  This can start projects sooner if you push your files out for Japanese translation Sunday evening in the U.S., but Monday in Japan.

Configuring your Ingeniux CMS with Venga's TMS is a simple process that can be completed in one day. Once you've decided to begin the translation process, Ingeniux and Venga set up credentials in both systems, establishing a secure connection with no effort on your part. Ingeniux and Venga work closely throughout the process to ensure a smooth and successful integration. 

When your Ingeniux CMS is integrated with the Venga TMS you are able to select the content, languages and additional information for translation inside the CMS in a custom dashboard, then have it sent to Venga's TMS with the click of a button. The progress of Venga's translation process is tracked within the Ingeniux CMS workflow as well as Venga's Client Portal, allowing you to easily check the status of the project. When Venga is finished with the translation after all quality audits they send it back to your Ingeniux CMS via the integration and a project manager is notified with the option to import.

 "After the one day translation integration set up between the Ingeniux CMS and Venga's TMS, the effort of translating content is reduced to a few clicks. Also, the ROI is immediately obvious for our clients' understaffed web teams when their manual translation workload disappears and they can focus on tasks that add value. 

Ingeniux is really one of the very few enterprise content management systems (CMS) that understands that translation integration is not a feature, but a requirement. Anyone managing large amounts of web content will someday have to translate some or all of that digital content into different languages. From the first day, Venga's translation API integration with the Ingeniux CMS and its unique translation management user interface have saved our clients amounts of effort, time, and money that constantly leave them asking why they didn't do this sooner." 

- Venga Global on the translation integration with the Ingeniux CMS

To find out more about localizing your Ingeniux website with Venga Global visit the Ingeniux CMS Localization page.

Posted by Riley Edmunds
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